Not everyone has the same educational needs when it comes to retirement planning and their finances. People have different schedules, different needs, and different learning styles when it comes to financial information. At Retirement Solutions Group, we understand the need for comprehensive retirement education, and we’re happy to offer different ways for you to interact with us to get the financial education best suited for you. Make sure to check out our calendar below to find out about our upcoming seminars.

Understanding Social Security and Medicare

*For Education information only

Living A Tax-Free Retirement


• How to properly file for Social Security benefits
• How to maximize the amount you are eligible for
• How to avoid the most common mistakes people make when claiming their benefits
• How to optimize your assets to minimize or avoid paying taxes on your Social Security benefits • How much income you can make and still draw Social Security
• How Social Security is taxed
• How to file and suspend
• How to claim a spouse’s benefit even if divorced
• What Medicare does and does not cover
• The differences between parts A, B, C, and D
• The costs for each part
• Which Medicare supplement is right for you
• The difference between Medicare and Medicaid
• Medicare Advantage plans
• The latest changes to Medicare and Social Security and how they affect your benefits

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• Why paying off your mortgage early might be a bad idea
• Identifying the IRA Ticking Time Bomb
• How to use current IRS tax codes to create a tax-free retirement
• How to use banking strategies to become your own banker
• How to optimize your asset allocation to minimize risk of loss
• How to establish retirement goals and objectives based on your risk tolerance • How to generate predictable and reliable income for life